922 vs 912A vs 692Aii vs Scout vs 900

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I'm looking at building my first computer and I am really undecided on which case would be the best as far as value, features, user friendliness and cooling goes. I am from Australia, so I will be using MSY.
The CM Storm scout is $109, 692 Advanced ii is $114, HAF 912 Advanced is $115, Antec 900 is $117 and the HAF 922 is $127.
Which of these would be the best buy? Or is there another option there that would be better?
Is it worth paying the extra for one of these, or would the Antec 300 be adequate?
All of these have outstanding reviews on Newegg.
At this stage I'm probably looking at the 912 Advanced.
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  1. haf 912 advanced, i have its a great case, but it is still depends on what do u want to put in there, what is ur specs?
  2. At the moment I'm looking at I5 2500K, GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3, Ripjaws 8GB, 1TB HDD, 64GB SSD, HD6950 (possibly crossfire), 750W PSU, Hyper 212+.
  3. I have the Haf 912. Great case! Cable management, lots of space! and room for plenty of fans and fun to mod just started a discussion on my case mods posting pictures for every little thing I add
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