Best Value 2560 x 1600 with multiple monitors

I need advice. I run 2 monitors, one at 2560 x 1600 and the 2nd at 1920 x 1080.

I need a replacement graphics card that can handle this (and preferably would support a 3rd monitor eventually) with the least possible power consumption and cost.

My current power supply only has 350w max, so I'm figuring I will likely need to upgrade that too.

Any tips? Thanks!
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    what are your needs?
    if your going to game on those depending on the games you will need a very costly replacement...
    if your just using it to browse the internet and using MS office and such...
    you can get something like HD 5570
    if your going for a 3rd monitor anywhere in the future on a single graphics card for now you have to go for an ati card...
    note that for the third monitor to work it has to be connected to the display port so if your looking for another card make sure it has that output
  2. I was having trouble playing 1080p with a 5570.Might just be me but the frame rates seemed kinda sluggish.If your not gaming i would reccomend a 5770.Depending on what the make/model and other system specs it is possible you might not have to upgrade your PSU.If you ARE gaming or any other graphicly intesive applications then i would reccomend a 6950.But you will defnitly need to ugprade the PSU if you decide to go with a 6950.
  3. I am not gaming. But my monitor is the dell 3007, which I believe requires 'dual link dvi'...not sure if the 5570 does that or not. I am using multiple charts for watching stock prices change with quickly streaming data on multiple monitors. I might have 15 charts up at a time & they are all drawing numerous lines, etc. Nowhere near as demanding as games I'm sure, but a step up from standard office/browser type apps. Any further thoughts, suggestions, or alternatives to the 5570?

    And what about for a power supply? The 5570 says it recommends 400, and I have a 250 rated that has a 300w peak! I'll definitely have to upgrade that right? Any tips on a good make/model/value for the PSU?
  4. oh, just saw the 5570 does support dual link. Thanks again!
  5. What are the rest of your system specs?

    I'm almost certain you won't have tp upgrade your PSU.Maximum reported total system power consumption for the 5570 is just under 200watts.Since your PSU is a Dell PSU than it can be looked at as a somewhat reliable PSU so the wattages are accurate and will do good.
  6. 5570 is fine and much fine with 350watts,you should find a ddr5 version.its fine card for your needs.hope you get a good deal.take care

    this might be a little more than you need but really its not much more than the 5570 and will be a bit better for light gaming (even though you said you will not be gaming)
  8. The 5670 is a good card.Perfect for what your trying to do but i would reccomend getting the 1G version not the 512.The resoultions that your at defnitly require 1G of RAM.
  9. 5670 is the most powerful graphics card from ati that does not require a pci e connector so it does not draw a whole lot of power... but id swap that psu if i were u to something more reliable
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