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I have recently sent back a motherboard to newegg for a RMA. However today i got a email saying that things were damaged and they are blaming me for it. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to get a refund, from them to go about buying another motherboard or if not possible at all. This makes me mad because now i can't even use my computer and i don't have any cash to go buy a new one outright. Should also add that they are mad about thermal paste on the cpu part of the mobo.
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  1. kjb1686 said:
    ...they are mad about thermal paste on the cpu part of the mobo.

    No wonder, you ruined the CPU socket by applying too much TIM.

    No, you're pretty much SOL and I'm sad to say the cause of this problem; it's not NewEgg nor ASRock's problem, and neither will accept an End User damaged product.

    What I would suggest you do is to go out and get (common / wood) toothpicks with rounded + pointed ends, 90% Isopropyl alcohol and start thoroughly cleaning the TIM (Thermal Paste) off the CPU pins. Next, don't use conductive TIM, about the best TIM to use is Arctic Cooling MX-4 which requires no curing time and is non-conductive, it's about the best you can buy short of the exotics which I don't recommend for noobs.
  2. If there stating that you applied to much thermal paste and somehow damaged the board around the socket or perhaps the socket itself somehow, then there is no way that you will get a refund. That would be like going into a store buying a a plate ,chipping it, and then asking for a refund.
  3. P.S i use MX-4 myself i can atest to its greatness, applies really smooth and dosnt dry up over time aswell.
  4. I misspoke i meant to say there is thermal paste on the latch which i did not see at all when i packed it up i only put a little on the middle of the cpu and thats all.
  5. Post a Photograph of the CPU Socket with the plastic Socket Cover removed. Use the Macro setting on your digital camera, and if needed setup a free account at -> (reduce the image size before uploading a 3MB~5MB jpeg).
  6. i dont even have the item i have to wait till they ship it back that is why i wanted to know about asrock.
  7. ASRock - if they see either: 1. Bent CPU Pin(s), 2. TIM anywhere on the CPU Socket, 3. Any Physical Damage, 4. Missing CPU Socket Plastic Cover -- they won't just return the MOBO, but the MOBO S/N will be locked-out permanently for ANY future RMA's (i.e. VOID your Warranty for good).

    Therefore, clean that (TIM) crap off 100% before sending it to ASRock and don't even mention any of this to them. Frankly, if the TIM is 100% removed I'd try the MOBO one more time after cleaning, that is IF there was any TIM on the CPU Pins.

    Q - What exact TIM did you use?
  8. I used this Also i think i am SOL though seeing as i don't have the plastic cpu cover and sent it to newegg without it. Looks like im without a desktop for a couple months until i get some money just wonderful.

    Link not working this is it Rosewill RCX-TC060PRO Thermal Compound
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    Best I can tell the Rosewill RCX-TC060PRO is not electrically conductive, but I'm not 100% sure since I don't use it and Google provided inconclusive details. I'm picky about the TIM I use, and it's not a good area to save a few bucks.

    You can contact ASRock and ask them to send a Plastic CPU Socket cover (and an Anti-Static Bag if you don't have one either) when requesting an RMA. Just tell them you threw it (cover + bag) out and read the RMA requirements for shipping. IF they say, "no problem send it in anyway" then get that in the form of an EMAIL (writing).

    Again, in any case: 1. Clean off the TIM, 2. Take Photos of the CPU Socket (as clean and unbent), 3. Ship the RMA as instructed, 4. If the MOBO is >$100 then purchase insurance from UPS, 5. Use UPS.
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  11. Okay will do i will attempt to check it out when i get it back.
  12. Good Luck! :)

    Let me know.
  13. The only reason i purchased this mobo despite the bad reviews was someone recomended it to me and i thought it would work. I am going to go through asrock get the RMA setup and everything so i can ship it out right when i get it back. It just sucks though i can't get a refund so i have to get another board and hope it works.
  14. Keep in mind, I'm not focusing on anything but the MOBO RMA and the TIM. If your PSU is a problem (new or not) it too can exhibit: Random shut downs, Load and shutdown/freezes. Further, if the PSU is bad it can kill the MOBO, CPU, GPU, RAM, etc...
  15. My psu is a corsair i dont think it has any problems seeing as i tried many troubleshooting things before sending it back. At first it wouldn't work at all and not turn on i took one ram out it worked put both in same problem tried both slots one worked while one didnt. My mobo would not recognize my graphics card took everything out thinking not enough power nothing still worked so pcie was dead as well i thought that if i could get my card working perfect i could use the mobo and just buy a 4gb stick of ram but no it would not work.
  16. LGA 1155 (H an Z series) require you to have the Init PCIe -> PEG (or PCIe) depending on the BIOS.

    Read this d-Mode Thread ->

    My PSU is an HX850 and just fried two X79 MOBO's of mine, I like Corsair but ** happens.
  17. Okay i'm sorry i dont really know what you are saying i get the psu part but where is my bios coming in and what is this d-mode thing i am fairly literate in computers but this new stuff is confusing.
  18. I may have confused myself with my last post, what MOBO do you have? Also, how is the monitor connected.

    Sometimes I read one Thread and have a left over thought in my head...and or time passes. I noted this comment "My mobo would not recognize my graphics card took everything out thinking not enough power nothing still worked so pcie was dead ..."
  19. I have a asrock z68m/usb3 and it was connected through the vga port on the mobo and not the graphics card because i could get no picture through the card the fans were spinning and everything.
  20. Then what I said was N/A to your situation regarding the BIOS. Odd that I assumed you had a MOBO with an iGPU...go figure?!

    Good Luck with your RMA! :)
  21. Is was reading through the specs on the mobo and it said it supports virtu i dont know if using that would make a difference or not.
  22. No, unfortunately if anything it just complicates things, but that doesn't mean it's bad or wrong to use.

    What you should expect is to make the proper PSU connections, install everything properly e.g. CPU and HSF, and wala your BIOS screen displays then the rest i.e. OS.

    RE: "was connected through the vga port on the mobo and not the graphics card because i could get no picture through the card the fans were spinning and everything."

    Ahh, this is why I posted that link above. You need to make sure the following is followed and the GPU in most all cases requires power from the PSU e.g. PCIe leads from the PSU per the GPU's 6/8-pin(s):
    BIOS for d-Mode
    Initiate Graphic Adapter -> PCIE/PCI ; otherwise BSOD
    iGPU Memory 64MB ; or more
    iGPU Multi-Monitor -> Enabled ; required

    Connect Monitor to the GPU.
  23. I have quite a few things i am going to attempt that i never thought of when i get it back i may still see if i can get a RMA for it though. I want 4gb of ram not 2gb and i cant even get hyperthreading to work on the cpu i enable it and it goes into a endless boot loop.
  24. That could be from paste on the CPU pins or bent pins, its not a RAM issue. With 2x2GB you get Dual Channel and that's about it other than 2GB is a hassle with excessive Page File accessing which does significantly slow down a system.
  25. Yeah it might be bent pins i didn't see any when i packed it up i will have to do a thorough analysis of the item when i get it. I thought i said one ram slot works and boots up fine but even with one stick in the other it doesn't turn on at all tried both sticks they work fine.
  26. Could be either: 1. CPU Pins, 2. Bad DIMM slot(s) aka bad MOBO, 3. Bad RAM.

    IMO use the (1) DIMM slot that works and test the RAM for 4-passes of Memtest, then swap out the other stick of RAM -- in both cases using (1) stick of RAM at a time. This will validate the RAM or you'll find a bad stick. Clearly, if one stick fails to boot in a known 'good' DIMM slot then it's the RAM assuming it's properly seated.

    Memtest86+ use the ISO/zip file and create a bootbale CD/DVD, you might need to press F8 to select the CD/DVD to boot off; see -
  27. Well i am SOL because i they want to charge me 10 dollars for a bag and cap plus shipping so i am not bothering that is going to run me 30 dollars money i can use to save and buy another motherboard.
  28. I hear ya! :(

    Good Luck!
  29. Hopefully when i buy a new mobo with money i dont have i will have better luck thanks for all your help.
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