Computer shuts down when pressure is applyed to case

I recently just got my girlfriends computer back up. Had to replace a monitor my 2 year old broke, and a cd rom drive. Now we have been having what until today we thought was random powering off. I right away thought it must be the processor overheating. I had looked at the insides when installing the new cd rom and it looked pretty clean.

I was considering replacing the factory heatsink, reapplying themal paste, Spraying the case out with the computer air spray. Until my girlfriend gave me a revelation when I woke up today. She said if it she applys any pressure to the top of the Antec 300 case that it automatically powers off.

I'm 99% sure I plugged the cd rom in the same way the other cd rom was plugged in. The cd rom reads cds and installs programs from cds. Now for the weird my computer case light keeps blinking at the top right like its doing something. I was wondering what this could indicate?

I was thinking maybe a power supply or cooling problem until she said if you push on the case on the top it hard powers off.

biostar ta790gx a3+
phenom II 965 Be
4gb ram xmp corsair
Antec 300 case
650 w Antec psu
Ati 5770 gpu
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  1. Note: She just got on the computer and clicked something and then led light stopped constantly flashing. But it still hard powers off when any pressure is applied to the top.
  2. I took the cd drive out and made sure no cords/wires were getting stuck. Put it back in and made sure my psu connections to the motherboard were good and all seems good so far.
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    This is probably a long shot but maybe the connection for the reset/power button is somehow getting activated when you push down on the case. Perhaps when you took changed out the components something is a bit pinched around the reset button in the case and thus any downward pressure is being registered as pressing the reset button (Maybe even something is lodged in there and thus making it very sensitive to any flex within the case frame).

    I don't play around with these settings much but I think there is a way you can adjust how long the power / reset button needs to be depressed to cause a hard shut down. Maybe you can bump up this time and experiment if you have to apply pressure longer to get the hard shut down.
  4. yep chances are its a pinched wire...
    it could also be the motherboard shorting on the case when you press on it...
    so check the wiring from the power buttons to the motherboard and then check the motherboard and its mounting brackets are secure and short free.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm going to select DEY as best answer because he answered first. Thanks a million.
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