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Temperature and warranty of Zotac GTX 560 AMP!

Hi guys,

I read in some reviews that the Zotac GTX 560 AMP can reach upto 92C under load. Is that a big issue?
Also does anyone know the warranty period of the card?

Thanks in advance ..
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  1. DO you have a link to the card?

    I've heard of the Asus version of the 6870 getting up to 87c.The test are done with stock fan settings(default).Usally the default settings of the fan speed controller won't kick in until it reaches a serious level of heat.I think it might have something to do with the noise factor.When the fan reaches above 60% it will sound really really loud.When it reaches serious heat the fan will boost up to around 80% to 100% and then it will become stable again.

    If you enable a custom fan speed setting the temperature is most likely going to be much lower.But it will be much louder.
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    Nvidia says the max temp for a 560 is 99c.So the Zotac version does run a little hot but their are other factors to consider,case airflow and fan settings.I'm sure if you change the default fan speed settings that the temps will max out somewhere in the 80's.

    If you are worried about the temps fro mthe Zotac version maybe you should look into the MSI or Asus versions.They almost always have very good heatsinks.
  3. Thanks.. I'll consider the MSI and Asus versions also ..
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