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Best AGP Motherboard

Okay, AGP may be old, but I'm on a budget and the 4670 I have is working mighty fine. I'm looking for the best (or a decent) motherboard that supports AGP video cards, so shoot something at me and I'll check it out.
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  1. wow that board looks good. is it what you ended up getting? I have a 4670 as well so I was thinking about it.
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    After a lot of searching, this is the best motherboard

    It can use the
    -core 2 extreme quad core QX6700.
    - 4 gb ddr1 ram
    - 2 sata1 ports

    I actually have this now because of you and it plays BF3 decently with my HD 3850 agp, 4gb ram, and quad core
  3. Really? Sweet. I was waiting for an andwer and I got it. Thanks man.
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