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I just replaced a gigabyte board with the M5A97 thinking the board was bad due to bsod after bsod in windows 7. Come to find out I think it has been my memory the entire time.

F3-128000CL9D-8GBRL Ripjaw 8gig ddr3-1600 CL 9-9-9-24 1.50v

After getting 3 bsods during a fresh install I swapped them out for oem ddr3 1333 and it installed just fine.

Is there any benefit to possibly setting the CL manually for the RipJaw ram to see if it gets it to work?

I can RMA the memory thats no problem, but when memtest passed after 4 hours of passes I ran out of options to try.
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  1. use pu-z with you oem 1333 memory sticks and compare the setting under memory and the spd one then set manually in bios the same setting for the ripjaws report back the result
  2. 1.5v seems low for the speed and timings of those sticks.

    try upping the DRAM voltage to 1.65v and see if it's more stable
  3. Im gonna agree. 1.5v ram is made for newer motherboards especially p67 and z68 chipsets. On motherboards like yours ram with that voltage sometimes is incompatable (but would still pass memtest).
  4. I stuck the RipJaws back in and upped the DRAM voltage to 1.65. I'm current running so far with no bsod. I haven't figured out the overclocking stuff yet on the 960t so I think I'm going to leave it at 1.65 for now and see how it does over night with a few things running.

    EDIT: 960t unlocking was what I meant. baby steps for now lol.
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