Old gateway laptop upgrade

I have a gateway ml6720
Intel CPU Motherboard 31MA8MB0030
Intel Pentium Processor T2310 (1M Cache, 1.46 GHz, 533 MHz FSB)
socket ppga478

I would like to change the processor, I know i can not put an icore or whatever in there, but just an upgrade to a pentium 4 or something would be nice.

I see at the most extreme possible 64 bit socket ppga478

an Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor X7900 (4M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 800 MHz FSB).
Is it possible to use this on the ml6720 motherboard, if not why? and what would be the expert advice on the best possible replacement processor for this motherboard?
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  1. Yes it is possible to install a more powerful ppga478 cpu but you have a few of issues to think about.

    1. CPU may require more voltage than the chassis can deliver?
    2. The CPU will produce more heat, can the cooling solution handle it your chips TDP is 31watts.
    3. Will your current BIOS support a fster cpu or will you need to flash upgrade?
    4. Will your memory work with cpu, good chance a 533FSB memory will not work with 400FSB cpu.

    So in theory, without changing memory and keeping win TDP you "should" be able to use ..

    Core Duo T2450 2GHz, T2350 1.86GHz, T2250 1.73GHz, T2050 1.6GHZ

    Changing the memory to 667Mhz FSB, and keeping with TDP, you "should" be able to use ..

    T2700 2.33GHz, T2600 2.16GHz, T2400 1.83GHz, T2300/T2300E 1.66GHz

    You could also use the low 15watt chips and 667MHz FSB, which would definately keep you within TDP.

    L2500 1.83GHz, L2400 1.66GHz, 72300 1.5Ghz

    Now the costs, if you can get a cheap one of ebay, for say less than $30, its worth a shot.

    ** TH or myself accept any responsibilty if you blow up your laptop **
  2. First, thanks for your help.

    Perhapse I should have included the following:

    I do have (2x 1g) 667 memory installed, I would like to upgrade to 800 if that is better, (though recent reading into cl has me scratching my head) the specs for the board do state: FSB: 533/667/800 MHz does that pertain to ram compatability as well?

    I have flashed or upgraded the bios to its most updated version: Oasis-SR BIOS/Gateway/93.13/ 08/23/2010

    I would like to install windows 7 home premium 64bit, so I am looking for a chip that can support a 64 bit os(which actually the one i have does, but i was hoping to increase GHz).

    OF course if my chassis can only power up to 1.075-1.175V does that mean I could not use something that is 1.075V-1.250V. some chips on their webset do not even list the voltage range, such is the case for the T7700, or am i looking at the wrong thing, is this not what you mean about voltage my board can support.

    The intel website says max tdp for the T2310 is 35watts, I was having some cooling issues, but i cleaned the "lint trap" and now things are working properly.

    it has been suggested to me that my board may not be able to handle a chip with a Cache higher than what I already have, which is also something I think I want, though perhpse not as important as the rest, perhapse more for all I know. I thought the die level 2 was all I had to worry about.

    ha on a lighter note, did you mean "accept NO responsibility if I blow myself up" lol
  3. well for anyone who looks this up I installed a t9300 and it works fine
  4. bodhsattva said:
    well for anyone who looks this up I installed a t9300 and it works fine

    Hello, would you mind detailing your upgrade please?
    I also own a ml6720 and i would like to upgrade the cpu to t9300 also.

  5. bodhsattva said:
    well for anyone who looks this up I installed a t9300 and it works fine

    I would be curious to hear about that as well, please post. I have the same device and I am looking to upgrade
  6. I am writing this response on a ML6720 running with a T8300 upgrade. This was my third laptop upgraded to a T8300 (2 ML6720 and a Aspire 7736z-4809). Found the CPUs on ebay for ~$30. The T8300 is supposed to have near comparable performance for a much better price.

    I first tried a t9400 because I found it for a great price ~$40. I installed the T9400 and the computer would not even boot to a bios screen. I should be able to sell them on ebay for what I paid. The T9300 or T9500 is the highest performance CPU for the 965 series motherboards. The T8300 is the performance/dollar cost sweet spot.

    The upgrade process was simple.
    1. Remove the power plug and the battery for safety.
    2. Remove the back panel and remove ~6 screws for the heat sink assembly and set it to the side.
    3. Also a good time to blow the dust out of the fan with compressed air.
    4. Unlock the CPU socket with a flat blade screwdriver.
    5. Lift up to remove the old CPU, no force.
    6. Gently place the new CPU into the socket. It should fall right in, do not force anything. If the CPU will not sit flush, you may have a bent pin. I had one that was slightly bent during shipping. Use a credit card to make sure all the pins are lined up. It should drop right in if everything is lined up.
    7. Lock the CPU socket and install the heat sink. I had planned to use Arctic Silver but I just cleaned the top of the CPU and pressed flat the original heat transfer material. I have had no heat problems with any of the laptops. Will upgrade to Arctic Silver if I have heat problems.
    8. Install the cover panel and battery.

    My wife and I have both noticed increased performance. The battery life also seems a little longer.

    **Make sure you buy the correct format CPU, Socket P (SLAYQ or SLAPA)
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