Comparing 5870 performance

All games played at 1920 x 1080.

I just installed a Sapphire 2gb 5870 in my rig. I upgraded from a XFX 4870 and I'm a little disappointed in the performance so far. I'm replaying Oblivion w/ about 75 active plugins including Better Cities (w/ all of them Open Cities that can be) as well as Qarl's Texture Pack and Natural Habitat. The card performs pretty well in this game especially when out in the wilderness (generally holds 60 fps w/ sync). The Imperial City can still drop the frame rates down into the twenties, which is certainly disappointing but maybe its just that old game engine.

Metro 2033 was another story entirely. Maybe I'm naive, and review the rest of my system below please, but I was hoping to max that baby out. With my 4870 I could run the game on high settings using DX10 with frame rates in the 30's and 40's. Using the 5870 I can only get frame rates in 30's and 40's by running on "Normal" graphic settings using DX11. This is REALLY disappointing. I even OC'd the card to 975/1250, which is a big jump from stock speeds (850/1200), but totally stable. Still performance was only manageable at "normal" graphic settings. I consider manageable to be holding above 30 fps (I'd really prefer 60 w/ this beast of a card, but I've had to lower my standards unfortunately.) These are the only two games I've tried so far, but if anyone else with a 5870, especially the 2gb Eyefinity 6 edition from Sapphire, could tell me what kind of performance their getting in these titles or just in general I would certainly appreciate the insight.

System Build:
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black @ 3.8 ghz
MSI 790FX-GD70 - Mobo
OCZ AMD Black Edition DDR3 @ 1600 mhz - 4 gb
OCZ Agility 2 SSD 120 gb (which the games and OS are installed on)
WD 250 gb Sata II HDD
Sapphire 5870 2 gb w/ Eyefinity 6 @ 975/1250 mhz
BFG Tech 500w PSU

P.S. I've also got one PCI-E internet card, a 500 gb portable hdd, and 2 optical drives that I usually keep connected. I'm going to try disconnecting the portable drive and the optical drives (b/c i rarely use them) to save some power and see if that helps.
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  1. DX11 puts a strain on the video card. What happens if you play Metro 2033 with your HD 5870 in DX10 mode?
  2. My performance was worse in DX10! I was thinking I'd set it back to the settings I used for my 4870 and chew it up and spit it out, but not my fps was slightly worse when using DX10 and "high" graphic settings.
  3. Check out this review and the way Metro 2033 makes even the greatest modern behemoth of a graphics card choke:

    I noticed huge gains by adding a second and then a third card as in my signature. I don't play Metro 2033, though in BFBC2 and MOH I get average fps between 140 and 150fps with full details and highest AA and AF.

    That 4870 was always known to be a monster though!
  4. My set up is almost the same as yours.. I think your PSU is Starving your GFX Card.

    I'll try the game out later this week and let you know how it works for me.
  5. "that 4870 was always known to be a monster though"

    As I've had some time to think about it I think my performance with the 5870 is on par with what it is supposed to be. Although I will be upgrading my PSU when I have an opportunity (i just need to anyway, its old.)

    What this has made me realize more than anything, i believe, is just as you stated. That 4870 was really working its tail off.
  6. when anticipating what type of performance you should get just think about it like this, a 5870 is on par with 4870 crossfire... your not necessarily going to get double the frames but you wouldn't get double the frames with 4870 crossfire either bc they do not scale at 100%...

    metro 2033 is a huge hog, and if your running a bunch of plugins with oblivion and it drops below 60 fps a couple times, that is acceptable, you cannot think that you are going to knock down walls with the 5870 but games like crysis, metro or even a heavily modded oblivion can bring any card to its knees so don't feel bad the 5870 is still a healthy card for gaming with high settings at 1080p imo
  7. Hey i have a Radeon 5870 1Gb (Powercolor) and Metro 2033 runs pretty good on my machine.
    I have Intel E8400 @3,33Ghz, 6Gb ram, Win7 64-bit. My Radeon runs on stock speeds 850/1250.

    I will check my fps with fraps and post the results.
  8. I checked the fps and i have 50-70 fps with settings on HIGH, DX10, AF4x, AAA. I have catalyst 11.2 drivers installed.
  9. codyw9524 said:
    Although I will be upgrading my PSU when I have an opportunity (i just need to anyway, its old.)

    Your psu is gonna cause permanant damage to your components! Are you waiting for BFG Tech to start making power supplies again or something? :pt1cable:
  10. i would say to upgrade powersupply!then check if something happens,your setup is perfect!
  11. rhsnipes said:
    Your psu is gonna cause permanant damage to your components! Are you waiting for BFG Tech to start making power supplies again or something? :pt1cable:

    That's funny. I have a modular 500w BFG Tech PSU running one of my older machines... Did they really stop producing PSUs?
  12. Check out the feedback section on this product
  13. rhsnipes said:
    Check out the feedback section on this product

    Gotta love Wikipedia:

    BFG Defunct: Sep. 2010
  14. Ok, so got a 750w Corsair power supply, a modular one. No messing around. When I get her all set up I'll post the results. I think that's gonna fix the problem. My card's been bugging out a little so I hope I haven't done any permanent damage to it. Every know and then my audio glitches and everything sounds like an air horn on crack for about .5 seconds. Also NBA 2k11, a game my 4870 ate for breakfast, started stuttering every couple of seconds. It was so bad it was unplayable. I uninstalled and reinstalled and that seems to have MOSTLY fixed the problem. I get stutters every now and then. Before the problems started the game ran butter smooth. I hope I havn't damaged my 5870. We'll see what this PSU does for me.
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