CM 212plus, 200mm side fan....will it fit?

So i have a HAF 922 with a i5 2500k, and i wanted to replace the stock hsf with a coolermaster 212plus. but i'm just worried whether or not it will fit if i have the 200mm side fan in place? (its a intake to cool my gtx460)
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  1. The Coolermaster website says that the HAF 922 will support a CPU cooler up to 160mm in height. The Hyper-212 is 158.5mm in height, so you're good thus far. What the website isn't clear about is whether that 160mm is with the side fan on or off. I think the side panel can take a smaller fan though, so you could move the 200mm fan to another location within the case and then get a 120mm fan and mount it on the side panel such that it is blowing onto your graphics card but avoiding a clash with the CPU cooler.

    Unless you can get the answer via forums, this might be a time to email Coolermaster and ask - since they do both the case and the CPU cooler, they should be well placed to answer.

    I've got the Hyper-212, btw. It's a good bit of kit.
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