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Wife bought me a monitor

ok she bought me but I do not know if is going to be the best option for my new GPU ATI 6870. I do not want to hurt her feelings but a glimmer of hope is that it is (HD Ready?) but wut exactly does that mean?

The big question is, is this going to do the job with just the DVI or should I just return it or re-sell it and buy a better one?
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    It is a nice monitor but I personally would have gone with 1080P monitor in the 22" to 24 " range. HD ready probably means it can do 720P.
  2. Agree, it is nice, but I would have opted for something bigger. I have this one, and I really, really like it.
  3. Really nice!
  4. ya but way too much money after she bought this one. I guess I will have to wait and sell it ebay and buy another.
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