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Hi all,

Ive got the HD 4550. 1GB card. Though it seems the highest my memory can go is 500mhz. When I open the Catalyst control centre, the highest I can set it to is 500mhz. So I'm wondering why its advertised as 1000mhz, but I can only actually get half of that.

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  1. It is Dual Data Rate effective 1000 Mhz actual 500Mhz!
  2. Ok, so that means I am getting 1000mhz out of it? Sorry but I'm still learning about video cards.
  3. No problem. Same applies to system ram for example DDR2 800 runs at 400 but has effective 800 because of the DDR.
  4. Great, thanks for the information.
  5. rolli59 said:
    It is Dual Data Rate effective 1000 Mhz actual 500Mhz!

    So the same applies to my ATI 5570 that shows 850HHz Memory clock?? Thanks,
  6. Yes if it is advertised GDDR3 at 1700Mhz then it would show as 850MHz.
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