Sata and ide hard drives are in same pc

i have sata and ide hard drives in my system ,i wish to install os in ide one but i cannot do,how can i do that?
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  1. Install the sata first and load your operating system. Then change the jumper on the ide to "slave" or secondary position and install it. I use maxblast 5.0 to prep and clone drives. It works great.
  2. Somewhere in your bios you will have a boot option for which to boot first. If there isnt an SATA selection its sometimes listed as raid. Set this to IDE. This is a differenct screen then the boot priority of cd,DVD, HDD,USB... screen

    Which motherbd do you have?

    honestly, odds are the sata drive is the faster of the two and I would recommend booting from it and using the ide for backups ect.
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