Access to a local lan website from internet


I have a small lan network with a 'server' with fix ip
Typing from LAN I can visualize the website.

I'm wondering how to make this visible from internet.

((I have g a fixed ip dsl connection.))

many thanks!
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  1. Put the server on a port on your router in the DMZ zone, and go through the configuration on that. It will then be seen by the outside world. You will need to configure rights on it though, it's not quite as simple as just plugging it in if you don't want everyone trying to hack it.

    You may also need to get a new IP assigned to you by your ISP for the server, this type of thing would probably require a business account with them.
  2. you actually dont need a busness account dude... if you register at

    you can register a free domain like

    and that means that represents you ip address.... being your external ip....then you need to downlaod the no-ip client so it always makes sure that your is always linked to your ip.... cause when your ip changes... then you have a problem..... and then you have the hosting.....

    most isp's wont let you host a website on port 80..

    so host it on another port like 3000 or something

    then you wanna forward 3000 to your computer hosting the website

    then when you wanna get to your website you go 3000)

    that should work for ya
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