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Ok I need help with this, got me a bit confused. My laptop (Dell Inspiron 1520) had no issue connecting to any router and getting onto the internet.

Now all of a suddenly it will only connect to my router and internet via wireless connection. Wont go via the cable at all. (when it use to many times before and work fine) and it not the cable as the desktop PC use the same cable and it work fine... (and I did try two to make sure, didnt work but desktop accepted both cables with no issue)

I take the laptop to my sister's house and it connect to her router but not the internet (and I have use to before, there same router never been an issue) there was a unsecured router in her area I connected too (as I wanted to see if maybe it was her router) but did the same thing... and my phone could hook to her router and go on the internet with no issue.. so I went to my mum house tried her router same issue. Connect to her router but no internet.. she has two computer on her router and they work fine and once again my phone can hook up to her router no issue and search the internet.

I don't know why all of a sudden it will only accept my router (wireless only) but no one else's (but in saying theat it connect fine to their router to just want talk to the internet after that) I have disable firewalls and virus software to see if that was the issue, but didn't change anything.

if anyone got any suggestions that would be great :)
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  1. I should also note, that my virus protection is AVG (free) and my firewall is Zone alarm (Free) as this might help as well.
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