Starting Case mod. Haf 912

I'm modding my case Haf 912
starting to post pictures today or tomorrow
Start to finish will be posted here
If you have any ideas post it! I'm going for the Red & Black look
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  1. Water,
    Tech noir/bioshock
    Sound activated uv/cathodes
    Cable free
    Quirky features/eyecatchers
    Overkill on the modding :-)
  2. Oh my. Well I've order acrylic feet. Made led circuit for case & another set for the feet got a fan controller painted the knobs red. Ordered 200mm red led case fan for to replace the 120mm in the front. I'm going to see about painting dvd drive red instead of black. I have most cables hidden that can be hidden ! I'm ordereding the haf 912 acrylic window side panel. Adding switches for case feet & Lights. Those are my ideas so far What do you mean by bioshock ? :|
  3. Dirty grungy tech sort of style, like steampunk, but with obvious electronics, dirt, aging and grime :P
    let me see if i can find any pictorial examples,,
    its like your pc was built for heavy duty use, and then got abused badly for years :)
    i'll post more pics of the style as I find them, can never find stuff when you need to lol
    turns out I mixed biohazard and bioshock lol, but they're both similar themes
    for example, the ingame crate could be an awesome mod
    geigers artwork is a daunting inspiration but i'd love to one day try :)

  4. Along the theme yes, but more obviously technological, and dirty,
    Steampunks all good but too clean and shiny imo :P
    think of some of the scenery in deadspace, its been in the vacuum of space for years and is covered in spacedust and gunk, but still works
  5. Alright here we go

    Here is scythe 4-way fan controller, Red knobs

    Adding 5 12v Red LEDs

    Switches, In order LEDs, 200mm Red LED Coolmaster Fan (Ordered), 200mm Red LED Coolmaster Fan (Ordered), Acrylic Case Feet with Red LEDs (Ordered)

    Close up

    Painted Edging on top tray

    Finished and installed. Painted center more glossy black

    Ordered Water cooling and thinking of few more mods
  6. Looking a bit knight rider or A-Team there hehe, get all the guts out and do the inside too man :)
    love the pilot-style switches but
    come on, cablework....... /shakes head disprovingly, I like the led's under the drivecage, but you need to tape up the wires a bit or make a box for it imo
    keep going man :)
  7. Haha I've been taking it apart so much I haven't perfected hiding cables, I just found a small piece of metal to cover leds ill install that and update the form. Thanks for tips !
  8. cool, np mate
  9. This looks great so far! Can't wait to see what else you do with it and how it will look!
  10. I'm thinking of ideas :P Watercooling is on the list but not really required seeing as I have a twin frozr and a 212+ right now so they will last me awhile
  11. Update Time
    Took out 212+ In prep for water cooling (arrives this week)
    Added two 200mm Coolermaster megaflow Fans

    Front Intake off

    Front Intake On

    Top Exhaust Off

    Top Exhaust On

    Case from front

    Inside Case

    From Back, Added Red to Thumb screws

    Updating it later with water cooling pics, Hope all goes well
  12. Before seeing those pictures, I found myself to greatly prefer blue over red, but it seems like red looks good if there's enough of it. The red thumb screws are a great touch by the way!

    Can't wait to see what it will look like with the water cooling!
  13. This looks fantastic! Though, for that red led effet inside the case you could have made it look nicer by buyin a $10 led kid wich is like a string you can put wherever, i think NZXT sells them. I dont know where you live but i know canada comuters sells them. Or you could have bought a red led 120mm to replace your current one. Eitherway, this is great. I want to mod my storm enforcer to express even more the red/black look you have going on there too. Lets see you watercooling when your done!
  14. Thanks for the feedback !! The only reason I did my own LEDs over others is because the whole circuit with switch was 5 bucks vs 20 including shipping, Most computer stores are a bit of drive from me and didn't carry case lighting anyway (Canada Computes, Ncix, Tigerdirect)
    Looking forward to water cooling too Comes either tomorrow or wednesday Storm enforcer mod would be fun Let me know if you start a work log I'll be sure to check it out.
  15. i would recommend painting the inside black!
  16. Looks great! I just picked up the 912 last night with a similar concept in mind (although different execution).

    I like the red / black with the toggle switches, very cool. Can't wait to see the next stage!
  17. Post moar pics man...
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