ASUS M5a87 ram issue

is it ok to use only one stick of RAM? I had two 4gb g.skill dimmsand one of them just died like 2 months ago. Since, i have been running on 4gb and noticed no difference in performance. However this week my PC have had like 5 random crashes, only one was not while gaming.

so the thing is that i heard that these mobos' work better with the ram in pairs. could this be the problem?
should I go to and get a new pair instead?

I know the problem is the other dimm 'cause i made a number of tests. i tried the good one on all other slots and it workes. the bad one had problems in all. and when i used both i also had problems. what i mean with problems is that it freezes while loading win7
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  1. those ram still under warranty ask for rma and if they came in dual kit you will have to send back the dual kit
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