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Hi there
I have a p6t6 ws revolution mb and wondering what graphic card is most compatible with it. The price is not an issue here. I just hate hardware compatibility issues.
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  1. list your full system specs...
  2. I don't see why you'd have any problems with compatibility with any graphics card. As long as its a PCI-Express based card which all modern GPU's are. For any extra comparability I would stick with Asus as thats the same manufacturer as your motherboard. Your limiting factors are going to be your power supply, case, and money not your motherboard.
  3. yeah sop is list your specs unless you want us to guess this is standard procedure... full system specs are standard for gpu advice if the op doesnt want to do that then he wont be receiving any advice from me its a time saver
  4. dear jj and wribbs. thanks for all your replies
    sorry that i forgot to list my specs. MB: asus p6t6ws revolution, 1018 watt power supply (green), core i7 extreme (3.33 ghz), 6gb corsair ddr3, 4*1tb HDD western digital.
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