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Hello,the cmos battery of my Packard Bell PC has gone.How can I replace it?
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  1. Get one off ebay for next to nothing, then simply open the side of your computer, pull out the old battery (it's on the motherboard, pretty obvious) and pop the new one in.

    You might need to set the computer's clock etc up again.. then you'l be fine.
  2. The battery is a Lithium cell CR 2032; available at Walmart, and other convenient stores (camera section).

    After you open the computer side cover, hold the case to ground yourself and the computer, and make a note of the battery polarity. Use a small screw driver to remove the old battery, and then replace with the new battery. Pay attention to the polarity while inserting the new battery.

    This battery replacement will reset the BIOS to factory defaults. Wait for 10 minutes before putting in the new battery.
  3. If you are near a Radio Shack, then they should have them.

    I always wondered how they stay in business. Every time I step into one of their stores (which is not very often) I only see at most 3 other potential customers...
  4. ^ Yes, agree! :)
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