WoW 9500gt upgrade

I need to upgrade from my current graphics card, the 9500GT. Currently only for World of Warcraft. Here are my specs:

Processor: Intel Core2Duo, O/C at 3.1ghz
RAM: 4gb
PSU: Corsair 550W
Resolution: 1680 x 1050
Price Range: 100-150

I was looking at the GTS450, but didnt know if it was enough of a card and wondered if the GTX460 was too much of a card? 460 is a little more pricey and I wasn't so sure my CPU was strong enough to take advantage of the 460. Don't advise me on ATI please, I'm NVIDIA to the core.

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  1. go with the gtx 460, gts 450 is not worth it for 1680X1050 imo even if you are only playing wow. Cataclysm from what I understand requires a little more muscle such as a gtx 460 but I would think wow would be fine with a gts 450, basically you get what you pay for, but imo the gtx 460 is a better value...

    either cards should be fine on your psu
  2. 460 is a better value, as jjb said. The 450 isn't really worth it seeing how much it costs compared to the 460. Here's what I'd suggest:

    $170 - Radeon HD 6850
    $200 - Radeon HD 6870, Geforce GTX 460
    $250 - Geforce GTX 560 Ti

    You get what you pay for. For a more complete list of GPUs, consider reading Tom's "Best Graphics Cards for the Money" article. :D
  3. The 5770 is faster than the GTS 450 and well within your price range. It's you're best option at the price your looking at. If you can spend a little more to go with a slightly faster GTX 460 768 though you may want to go for it. If not, then a 5770 will be just fine for you and overclocking it will get you a little more performance.
  4. If I were you, and considering buying a card online right now I would get this, great deal imo, and a 1 gig will be a considerable price jump from this although overall I would say the 1 gig is the best buy this is still a killer deal and you will likely be able to oc it nicely with the cooling design:

    just avoid the 460 se imo...
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