Xtreamer Pro

The Xtreamer Pro is said to have "10/100mbit NAS".
Is it good or bad?
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  1. I don't think I'd trust any product called "Xtreamer" anything. Or "UtraMega" or "SuperSpeed" for that matter.

    10/100 is normal, not good or bad. 1gig is ideal though if you can find a NAS with that. You will see much faster file transfer speeds.
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  3. Depending on what your are going to use it for, like for documents, and power points ect that is just fine. But if your are going to transfer large amounts data, Video, pitchers, music I would recommend a Gigabit NAS. As long as your have gigabit switch or router and have it on your computer so you can take advantage of it.
  4. Thanks for the help
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