Buying new graphics card, need help. Old one broke

Hello, my old graphics card broke and im an going to buy a new one. Here is some info on my computer.

windows 7 32 bit, had nividia 8800 gt, 2 of them i guess, here they are

and here is the inside of my computer

as for my question.. im a little confused.. do i have to buy two graphic cards? cause i have 2 of them and can i buy and on the desktop graphic cards on

sorry im not really good at computers, sorry if these questions seem dumb >.<

thanks in advance.. hope i put this in the right forum
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  1. just need to make sure im going in the right directon
  2. What is your PSU?
  3. Also what graphics slot do you have?
  4. heh..this thread is 2 and 1/2 years old, i got a new card :P thanks for replying still tho
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