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hi, My computer is freezing randomly.I installed windows x64 ultimate (after 6 tries end with freeze)whenever I go little hard on cpu(open low quality video,internet explorer...) it freezes.When I press reset button CPU led lights and nothing happens.When I cut power and press power again bios says: "New CPU Found Press F1 for setup." When I wait on windows doing nothing it dont freeze, when in bios doing nothing dont freeze.

My system is new I bought 5 days ago(VGA Card from old PC)
-Thermaltake litepower 600 W PSU
-ASUS M5A99X EVP mobo
-Corsair CL9 DDR3 1600 mhz (2*4GB) 8GB RAM
-AMD FX X8 8120 3.1 Ghz CPU 125W
-Seagate 1TB 7200 RPM Sata3 64mb HDD
-Sapphire HD4850 256Bit 1GB VGA Card
bios version 0901..........

What kind of problem is this please help.
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  1. it could be CPU overheating, did you checked the CPU temperature?
  2. CPU temperature is below 45C can it be faulty CPU I heard sometimes bad CPU do that kind of things
  3. Just in case this is a memory instability problem, set the following in UEFI:

    1) Set DRAM Read to Read to 7

    2) Set Command Rate to 2T (AKA Command Mode)

    3) Set CPU/NB voltage to around 1.30V

    4) Set DRAM Voltage (VDIMM) to the specified voltage of the memory used.

    After setting those timings, ensure you are running the latest BIOS. Use one memory module to update if the system is very unstable.

    I assume the system is not overclocked in any way?

  4. not overclocked I'll try that today and answer back thanks
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