Can a pci express 16 card fit into a pci e 1 slot?


I'm ordering some pcs for work, they need to be able to run 4 monitors at a resolution of around 1600x1200, I'm looking around for either a quad port graphics card or 2 dual graphics cards, but am struggling.

The systems are for business, so am not worried about games. Can someone advise me if I can buy 2 pci e 16 cards and put one in the pci express slot and the other in the standard pci slot?

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  1. You cannot put PCIe cards into PCI slots, it just won't work. It would be possible to buy an old PCI graphics card in addition to the PCIe graphics card in order to run four monitors. Just curious, but what are you needing four monitors for?
  2. You can get PCI-e video cards that will do 4 monitors.

    You can get a PCI-e video card with 2 monitors, and add a second PCI card that will do 2 monitors, but generally PCI video cards are overpriced and have terrible performance.

    You say they're for business use. Will they be doing graphics work or anything, or basically just 4 monitors for strictly 2D use?

    Will do basic 2D work just fine, and supports up to 1920x1200 with 4 monitors.

    Same thing, from Nvidia, but supports up to 2560x1600 per monitor.

    Dual 3450's on one card, 2048x1536 per monitor, quad DVI. Consumer grade.....
  3. Thanks guys, they're actually for a trading floor environment - bloomberg, office, internet explorer and several custom java apps to run at once

    Most we need is high resolution video, no artwork, 3d creativity or gaming
  4. Then just get the third card i linked. It's relatively cheap for a 4-head PCI-e card and will adequately serve your needs.
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