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I apologize in advance for yet another newbie asking for help but this will be my first PC build and interested in what experience builders have to say. Anyway, the two components holding me back from starting are the computer case and PSU.

For the case, I'd like the following features:
1) $100 or less
2) Tool-less assembly
3) Cable management
4) Removable dust filter

Does anyone know of any cases that have these features? Also, does tool-less assembly make it that much easier?

For PSUs, I'm trying to decide between a bronze vs silver 80 plus certified because of my price range (<$100 ideally). Does anyone have any insight on whether silver certified is worth the extra $ over a bronze?
The two PSUs I'm currently looking at are:
Corsair 650W enthusiast 80 plus bronze certified
OCZ 760W 80 plus silver certified

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your second link is not an OCZ unit. The corsair is an excellent unit.
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