HD 5850 Problems

Hello everyone,

I built my own computer over summer and have had no problems with it, its been the best thing to happen to me ever :D

Recently however, I've started to have graphics issues. It started yesterday when I was playing WoW. All of a sudden my screen started to trip out a little, and the cursor became very strange looking and pixilated and extremely distorted. Then it went into a very strange pattern and just stayed on the screen, freezing everything and locking my system up, forcing me to hold the power button down.

When I went to turn it back on, the screen was black and my monitor said "no signal".

I took apart my comp and pulled out the graphics card to see if it was burnt or there was something wrong. Everything seemed fine and there was not dust or anything in any of the internals. It has extremely good cooling.

I put the card back in, started up, installed latest drivers, checked for mobo bios updates, then started playing again. The game worked for about an hour before the same thing happened.

This makes me very confused. It doesn't seem that the card burnt out as it still runs the game for a little bit.

Does anyone have any ideas? I know this is a very common issue, but everyone always just says "get the latest driver". I'm sorry, but I did, and that didn't solve the issue. I even ran virus checks etc, but I just reformatted my comp and I don't think this is the problem. Also my PSU is 750W and if it hasn't been an issue for almost a year of HARD CORE GAMING (I'm talking hours a day) I don't think it would suddenly be an issue.

I'm running:

Diamond HD5850
AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition
8GB DDR3 1600MHZ Dual Channel Corsair Ram
Biostar TA890FXE Mobo
Ultra 750W PSU

Thanks very much for your input!
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