5870 installation help!

I have an Antec Truepower Quattro and an ati 5870. The 5870 needs 2 six pen connectors attached. But idk where on the psu to connect it from??

There's an image of my psu on that link. Which should I connect to? 12v2, 12v3, etc.... what is this?
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  1. ur link is broken btw, just connect ur 2 6 pin connectors to ur graphic card theres usually only 2 or 4 thatcomes with ur powersupply, quite easy actually
  2. That's what I thought. Should be simple right? I have two slots on the back of the psu. Both 12volts and 25 amps. Each of those two, I guess there called rails, are connected straight from the psu into the two power connectors for the Graphics card. Thats ok right? Should be. I'm just checking because my power supply is letting off a very high pitched and sometimes loud noise! What's going on here?
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    No power supply should be making noise that's out of the ordinary. Sounds like something might be wrong with that thing. A faulty power supply can catch fire. If it's under warranty, you should get going on a claim. If not, buy a new one.

    As far as connecting the card to the PSU you'll have 6-pin connections coming off a 12V rail on the PSU. It's that easy when you don't have a fire hazard for a PSU.

    Seriously, get that thing taken care of!
  4. what he said :), irregular sounds cant be a normal or healthy thing for a ps unit :( wowzers
  5. Got the pos psu replaced. Seems to be that antec has some rly cheap capacitors and that's what's making it squeal. And ya did some research and found out that it is a bad firehazard, and could zap your whole system. Thankfully that didn't happen. Putting a Corsair replacment in. Thanks for the help
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