1 router connected to 1 switch which is connected to another switch?

I have my DSL router with 4 10/100 ports. 1 port from the routers is connected to a new TRENDnet TEG-S50G 10/100/1000Mbps switch. From this switch the main house computer is hooked to it. Also another port on this switch is hooked to another switch (same exact brand/model) which provides connectivity for a HTPC (Ubuntu with new NIC NETGEAR GA311) and dish DVR box. I setup this up last night but now the HTPC does not have internet connectivity.

Is this because the switches on daisy chained off 1 router port or what?

I hooked the switches together because they are gigabit and I wanted the gigabit connectivity between my home computer and the HTPC, plus I will be adding a unRAID server in the future.
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  1. its a gateway problem. you have to add manualy the gateway of your router to the htpc
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