Asus Direct CU 6850 graphics card not working in motherboard??

Hi there folks. I have a home built system of

Asrock N68C-S mobo
with built in geforce 7025

2 gig ddr2 RAM

AMD Athlon ii x 2 240 CPU 2.81 ghz

250 gb hdd

Windows xp professional 32 bit

Currently with a ATI radeon hd 4550 in there when my 4850 packed up

But bought an Asus AMD Direct CU 6850 graphics card as the first step to a complete system upgrade with a new motherboard and cpu to follow.

I tried using the Asus card in my system but it failed with a black screen. As the power requirements were quite high and I ran out of connections with the old g7 680Watt psu I ordered a cooler master GX 650W which is now in my system.

The scary thing is though when my 6850 didn't work i took it out then put the 4550 back in. But that itself didn't work then for another 3 hours!

Neither the onboard or pci express vga s worked with either of my two monitors (one an lcd and one an old crt)

I also installed a ddr3 memory module which I have since taken out and put back in the packaging along with the new 6850 as the system didn't seem to recognise it.

My question then is does anyone know if this is a motherboard issue of compatibility?? and if so why would the 6850 take out my 4550 for short periods as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

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  1. hey , your current mobo is ddr2 , and i think its just too old , and btw dont shove ddr3 into a ddr3 mobo , it wont work , did u try only adding the card but keeping the ddr2 ram ?
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