Intel DP55WB Mobo and GTX550TI incompatible?

Hi all, any advice would be great, Im looking for anyone that may have got the above combo to work together. My system DP55WB Intel mobo (with latest bios upgraded), Intel I5, 8 Gig Ram DDR3 1333mhz, HD4650 ATI graphics, Win7 64bit service pack1, 600W OCZ modstream Pro PSU. System works perfectly with current graphics card, but simply will not post with a GTX 550 TI, (I want to upgrade grahics), I have now tried 2 of them 1 Asus and 1 KFA2, neither will post and just create 2 beeps from the pc on start up screen stays black. If anyone has this combination of mobo and graphics card working please advise which mobo bios you have. Many thanks for any help I get.
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  1. There should be no reason any PCIe graphics card would not work with that board. Has there been a working card in the PCIe slot before, or were you using integrated graphics? The board's PCIe system could be defective if this is the first time you tried using the slot.
  2. No it runs an ATI HD4650 perfectly, I wanted to upgrade the graphics, had previous not so good experiences with ATI's and intel chips on another PC that I built and thought a good bet would be the Nvidia GTX550 TI, got one from Novatech, tried everything other than reverting to previous Bios to get it to post at all, and no joy. Sent that back, they advised me it may be the Asus firmware on the card that was not compatible with the mobo, they sent another card a KFA2 same spec card and that did exactly the same not posting giving me 2 beeps (video error). Reverted back both times to my ATI HD4650 and no problems at all.

    The guys at Novatech sounded exactly the same as you at first, till 4 hours later they said send it back it must be faulty, they called me a few days later and said they've tested it and the card is fine. They advised me to try to see via any forums if anyone has a working GTX550TI with this motherboard and to try to find , if I can the bios version they have on it, otherwise it looks like Im stuck with ATI.
  3. Oops! Sorry... missed the part where you said earlier that it worked with the HD 4650.

    That's the first time I've heard anything like that. Is the 2 beep code referencing the graphics card? I couldn't find anything definitive doing a quick search. I did find something for 2 beeps, pause, 2 beeps. That means 'no video' which is what you are experiencing.

    Here's the board's manual in case you don't already have it:
    It appears the PCIe slot is ver 2.0 which is not normally an issue. I wonder if resetting the BIOS to default, or even CLR CMOS, would allow it to recognize the card? Of course, if you flashed the BIOS to the latest, it would already be reset.
  4. Hi there, I got the same issue with my computer but it was after update the bios version to 0333, the previous version 0319 worked fine, try to downgrade your bios.

    Probably is a bug from the latest bios.
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