Class Action againt XFX for requiring mailing address prior to support

This is a call for a Class Action Lawsuit against XFX for violating consumer privacy. If you wish to begin, or are aware of an existing, lawsuit against XFX, please post here or contact me directly.


XFX Warranty Support will not support their products unless the consumer provides his/her full mailing address, thereby compromising the consumer's privacy and his/her right to refrain from subjecting his/her physical address being permanently recorded in XFX's database. This is despite the consumer having created a user profile in order to gain access to their Warranty Support site, and having registered the product by entering a Serial Number and entering a 25-digit Personal Activation Code found on the product box.

In order to receive warranty support, XFX requires that the owner register online. The information they require in order to register on their site:

- Name
- Phone Number
- email address
- Country/Region

Once email is verified, further information required to register the product:

- Date of purchase
- Vendor
- Serial Number
- 25-digit Product Activation Code

Once this is entered, the consumer now has access to support personnel. However, the personnel will request that prior to providing any support, including responding to the consumer's questions, they will require that you provide them with your full mailing address. Without the consumer's full mailing address, they will not provide any further support, including email support.
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  1. Good point. What is info used for?
    Joe malley
  2. Who cares unless you are Osama Bin Laden or Julian Asange.
  3. What support ? My product # didn't even work /already used.Brand new card too.

    I called support 9 times finally they said it happens due too error of someone else entering the wrong code"mine",they told me too email them "i did 5 times and no reply",i gave up.

    9 mo. later the fan makes horrible noise due to cheap bearings and I'm stuck with a $200 leafblower/spaceheater for a card.

    I've built 6 PC's for friends since all without XFX products. $1200.00 in sales you lost from me XFX, plus me telling everyone how you suck !
  4. I just had to RMA my 5870 XFX. They say 2 weeks for an RMA, but between waiting 3-4 business days per message from their techs which is absolutely ridiculous... it's more like a month +. Just to get to the point where they figured I needed an RMA took 2 weeks.
  5. I've been thru the ringer with XFX. I've Facebooked them, emailed them and have now filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. All over a silly graphics card that had failed under a LIFETIME WARRANTY. They too requested my personal info, which I provided. Now they won't respond to my inquiries.

    I'm thinking of going out and purchasing and Nvidia card from eVGA. Then remove the XFX card - smash it with a sledge hammer - and send it to XFX. Maybe even post pictures of the destruction on XFX's Facebook page.
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