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I need to change out a noisy, old fan in a PSU, 120mm. however I wondered whether or not I would be able to take the PSU apart without any special tools etc. I have also heard that a PSU is very delicate, so would it be a better idea to just simply replace the PSU in its entirety?

If you want any more information, i'll be monitoring this thread. :)

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  1. depends on the psu--might only need a cross head screw driver--have done it a few times with no difficulties--i wouldnt say they were delicate--though remember they may contain capacitors that still hold power after you turn it off so watch what you touch
  2. Suppose its worth a try, there's tutorials somewhere I imagine.

    Also, How do I seperate the pin connectors between the PSU and fans? I don't want to clean yank it, unless thats the way to do it :p

    Any 120mm fan will do am I right?
  3. the fan should normally just be on a normal fan connector so it just pulls off--only seen a couple where it was soldered to the psu circuit board

    the 120mm fans come in different speeds and noise so pick one thats in the middle of the range for both--or if using a second hand one just go for it--check how thick the fan is as if you get one thats too thick it may not fit in

    sure there will be tutorials on youtube or instructables or somewhere similar
  4. That is all I can think of asking now, thanks for the replies and help. :)
  5. youre welcome
  6. Yes, Its better idea to just simply replace the PSU in its entirety.
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  7. The PSU itself is a Win Power ATX 450 watts model, on the side it says no serviceable parts, does that mean you can't take it apart?

    EDIT: I also need to replace the front intake fan on my x blade case, however i can't get the actual pastic front off

    Here is the case:
  8. most psus say no servicable parts on them--doesnt mean you cant change the fan

    usually to remove the front of the case you take off both side panels and look down the inside edge of the front and you should see about 3 big plastic tabs on each side--push them in with your thumbs and the whole front should come off leaving your fan available--take the front off slowly and check there are no wires attachted to the on off button etc. some cases have them some dont

    on your case it may also be possible to remove the hard drive cage to access the front fan from inside the case rather than from the front
  9. Wires are attached to the on/off button but I can't really see a way of taking them out, then again I didn't look too hard, thought it best to ask first as I have little experience with these things.

    Removing the HDD cage doesn't seem the route to go at first glance, as it is by recollection only the wires to the power on button that need removing.
  10. you can probably remove the wires to the on off button or the whole button may pop out--take your time and look closely--some one put it together so it should come apart by figuring out how they did it
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