What's the best card for the money?

Okay so I'm going to build my own PC..
As soon as I can decide what graphics card to go with that will give me amazing performance at a good price.

For example I just stumbled upon the GTX 480 and it's amazing benchmarks but it's pretty expensive.

What's the best card for the 100-300 price range?

The GTX 460?

tl;dr What is the best value card in the 100-300 price range?
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  1. the 6950 or the gtx 560 ti is a sweet deal both around 280$ ish, the 470 overheats too much so i wouldnt recommand it ;)
  2. In 2007 was 8800Gt.
    In 2008 was Gtx 285.
    In 2009 Was Gtx 295.
    In 2010 Was Gtx 480/580.
    In 2011,for money is Gtx 560 ti,however you have plenty of options.
  3. well if u ask the gtx570 is good, 340$, the gtx 560 ti 250$ and the 6950 is 280 ish dollars
  4. this is awesome for the money, its out of stock right now though http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125362&Tpk=gtx%20560%20soc
  5. u mean the 1 gig version of the 560 ti yes, i second that, good choice derbixrace :D
  6. yeah ^+1 to the gtx 560 ti its on par with the 6950 not to mention that it overclocks like a beast
  7. for 20 bucks more you get my choice, an insanely factory OCed 560 (1ghz core) with a awesome cooler that is on par with GTX 570 and 6970. and the chip is cherry picked so it would probably get a higher max OC than a reference card.
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