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hey guys,
I just built a new PC on recommendation of Aznshinobi ( a member here ) he recommended me to use the ASRock h61m/u3s3 . Im running an i5 2400 on it too.

My questions were the features on the board, sorry if these seem simple etc but Im uber new to PC builds.

1. xfast usb, what exactly is that used for? Does it make all USB ports faster? I loaded the drivers but didnt see anything else on it...

2. I see under the BIOS is has an OC option. I thought these boards along with the i5 2400 couldnt be OC'ed?

3. Does the App charger work pretty well too? Would it work on android devices too?

4. Is there any updated drivers I should be running? I tried to find the one for the Intel h61 chipset ( is there an update for it anyway? )

5. Ive seen aftermarket heat sinks for the mosfets, fans for the h61 etc.. are these needed/ worth it?

6. What about the instant boot and instant flash?
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  1. xfast usb will boost your transfer speeds when using usb devices. when plugging it in for the first time the app will tell you to unplug the device and plug it back in again

    sure you can overclock. it will be harder but not impossible with your processor since you have a locked multi on the processor vs 2500k with unlocked multi

    app charger suppose to pump more voltage thru the usb slots and let your usb devices to charge faster

    4. you can go on their webside

    5 no just get an aftermarket heatsink for the processor if you are planning on overclocking

    6 instant boot will cut your boot times by 4-5 seconds in my own experience (raid 0 two drives)
    instant flash is an utility for flashing your motherboard bios using a flash drive
  2. also you should look over the motherboard's manual thats how i have learned most of the features
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