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I am trying to connect from home to work through a netgear vpn. It says I am conected but I can't ping the work server name but can it's ip address. When I try to access the program we use it says it can't find any computers on the local network or the other message I get when trying to connect using the server name is that the sql server was not found or is not working. I had everything up and running before but my computer crashed and had to be reformatted.
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  1. sounds like your DNS is broken - where are you getting DNS from? Do you have that info configured correctly?
  2. With a vpn you have to create a tunnel , the best if on both side static ip address.
    and you have to share folder with user permission . and you have to map network drive for example: if you ip on the other side is and the share folder name is public the map should be example:
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