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I have a Direct3D problem with my NVidia Geforce G0 6100 vga card. Once of a 4-5 (random) system start-up
VGA adapter's Direct3D support dissappears. However there is no problem with VGA itself.

I can solve the problem by uninstalling the display adapter and after system reboot installing the drivers back. But it is not the proper solution and it does not guarantee that won't happen again.

Do you have any recommendation? Which Directx or VGA adapter component may cause such issue? Is there any missing file or something??
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  1. I checked below topic before but I think it is not the solution for me:

  2. hey,

    I suspect that usb devices (flash memory and mouse) cause the problem.
    I don't use them for a while and I don't see any direct3d issue..

    someone has a comment??
  3. I have a comment:

    Nop it isn't the USB issue... :)

    However, I couldn't find the exact case.. Still trying.
  4. It is clear now that Avira Antivirus corrupts something and direct3d becomes disabled. Anyway I don't update Avira anymore - unfortunately.
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