What is the best Sound Activated Cold Cathode Lights?

I'm looking for either a blue or white 15", and a blue or white 8". They have to be different colors. Newegg has the Logisys brand, but I keep seeing where they crapped out after a short amount of time. Where can I find the best ones at?
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  1. I'm actually wondering this too, if it's cheap I wouldn't mind adding some coolness.
  2. Oh, and why white?
  3. Every other led light in my case is blue, so I want to lighten it up a bit. Plus, the white one will be made so that it only lights on heavy bass hits, so I want that huge flash effect.
  4. That makes sense, and sounds like a good idea. I personally prefer the sleekness of blue over the intensity of red, but unfortunately my case is an HAF 932, so the front fan is red :( Depending on how much it brightens up the inside of the case, I might manage with a blue for the inside. In which case, I really like the idea of having a white one as well. Thanks for that :P
  5. Why don't you just remove the red fan and install a blue one?
  6. That'd be another $20, so I'm not sure if I'd be able to afford to purchase both the fan and the cathodes when I purchase the rest of my build :(
  7. What size is the fan?
  8. Apparently it's a 230mm, but the Cooler Master replacement fans I've found are 200mm. Wait...maybe those won't work? Hmm...
  9. Thanks for the link. I'm in Canada so I'm not sure how much shipping would be since I'm out of stock :( I'll look around other places for 230mm fans.
  10. Give me a couple days to think about it, and I might buy it for you, then UPS it to you.
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