I am hoping to find either a suggestion (new build) or a recommendation (pre-built) solution for my Home Theater setup. Here is the basic setup in the living room: There are two audio piers on either side and a tv stand in the center. There will be game systems on either audio pier and probably a 46-47" TV (which I am researching more about now). On the opposite wall I am putting up a shelf that will be home to a Viewsonic Projector (Model: PJD6531w) and looking for a Mini HTPC to connect to the projector in order to stream movies from Netflix or anything else that I desire. I am looking for an ideas about the type of system I can use with the requirements being size similar to either a Shuttle system, XBox360 or PS3.

It would be nice to find a system to take advantage of the project if possible, being a dual core processor, and at least 1x 3D Video card, but the projector supports two. Probably will run 4GB of RAM, a BDROM, one fairly small and quick HDD and either Win7 or Linux.

The toughest part I have come across is the video card situation since it has to be an NVIDIA card to take advantage of the 3D. Not that I would be using this feature a lot, but it would be nice to know it is there.

Here are the projector specs: PJD6531w
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  1. I will be doing the same thing in the next month or two, minus the 3D requirement. I will be building small system based on the AMD Zacate platform such as a MSI E350IA-E45.

    You could use an ASUS E35M1-M PRO which supports a PCIe card.
  2. The 3D functionality was not necessarily a requirement, but a nice feature to have in case I wanted to take advantage of it. Since the projector supports it and I know that I can get video cards to support it...would be nice. I was more trying to figure out how to take advantage of the dual video card inputs on the projector itself.
  3. I found this Shuttle PC, but do not think I can find the dual video card solution. Any ideas?
  4. I got to thinking, maybe I do not need two video cards. Is it possible to use one video card with multiple outputs, connected it to two monitors and still get 3D?
  5. i think the GeForce GT 430 or Radeon 6450 might be capable of such tasks
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    The new Intel Sandy Bridge CPU's come with integrated video that can do 3D blu-ray. Also, radeon HD5xxx and HD6xxx series cards do blu-ray too. For Nvidia, the 4xx and 5xx cards support 3D blu-ray, but not all of them bitstream HD audio. You'll have to do your homework to find the ones that do (GT 430 does BTW).

    You don't need multiple cards for 3D blu-ray. You just need one connection using HDMI 1.4a. The cheapest route is probably a Sandy Bridge CPU with an H67 chipset motherboard.

    Edit- BTW, check out the mini-ITX build I recently completed in my sig. It may give you some ideas.
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