AMD-A8 Cooler and Power supply Recommendations

Hello all, hoping I can get a good recommendation from the "Hive Mind".

I am upgrading my existing HTPC with a new motherboard/processor/RAM.

I just purchased this setup

It is a AMD A8-3850 processor and a gigabyte A75M-UD2H motherboard. I purchased 4 gigs (2 sticks) of DDR3-1600 ram to go with it.

First question: In a HTPC setup, the processor doesn't work all that hard the majority of the time. Does anyone have any opinions on the stock cooler? I don't want to be able to hear it when sitting 5' away. If you think I should upgrade the cooler, what should I get? Height isn't a problem in my case. Price is. I want it to run quietly (near silent - ideally the hard drives will be the things you hear.)

Second question: is my 380W existing power supply powerful enough? I will be running the above setup with 1 DVD-RW; and 2 7200 RPM Hard Dries (WD Caviar Blue and WD Caviar Black). I will be using the onboard video and one TV-Tuner Card.
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  1. I have no idea what stock cooler they include with Llano but the power supply should be fine.
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