Asus p9x79 deluxe motherboard no beep

I am building a new PC with ASUS p9x79 deluxe with i7 3730k / Radeon HD 7970 graphic card / 1 8GB KVR1333D3Q8R9S DDR3 memory. Unfortunately, the system can't boot.
1) there is no video output
2) I can't hear any beeping from the motherboard, is there some connection that I need to connect?
3) the mem_OK led is light one which means the memory is not compatible? But even the memory can't work, I still should have the video output, right?

Any suggestions?
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  1. It's likely that the memory isn't compatible with the board. Asus boards can be picky about memory support and few 8GB modules work with them. And no, if the memory is bad, the board won't boot, not usually anyway. Next, remove your graphics card and try to use integrated graphics and see if you get anything from that. The mom_OK light on my board lights up when I start my system but that's normal. The fact that is is solid though means that the memory probably isn't compatible. I would recommend ordering a replacement Corsair 2 or 4 gig module and see if that works and if it does, you know the problem. Reason I recommend Corsair is that, I have never had an issue with Corsair compatibility in Asus boards but, that's NOT to say they don't exist, I just haven't seen it even when using untested memory.
  2. Do you have a mobo speaker. Mobo don't come with them anymore, you have to buy one.

    No integrated graphics on that board, right.

    Did you put the memory in the recommended slot for 1 stick?

    Your MOBO only support non-ECC unbuffered memory. Furhter, unless you case has a 'case' aka MOBO speaker you won't hear any BIOS tones. You can purchase a e.g. APEVIA 2" Case speaker -
  4. Great catch jaquith!
  5. Now if I can only learn to spell ;)
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