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I've just upgraded my os to 64bit home and I am having issues with my displays. I am running an nvidia 680i motherboard with 2 video cards and 3 screens. Video card 1 is an ati radeon hd 3600 series and the other an nvidia Geforce... not sure the series off hand right now but it has 1-1080p hdmi output 1-dvi and 1-rgb. The Ati card is in the primary slot and installs fine both via windows and then with the catalyst control center drivers. When I attempt to install the drivers for the 2nd card after reboot I just get black screens with just a mouse pointer. This worked fine with my 32bit setup.

I've tried updating the motherboard drivers, installing without the ati specific drivers and with them all yielding the same result. I also tried installing just the drivers through device manager for the 2nd card. Same results again. I use the ati card to run my main display and a second display and the 2nd card to run to my flat screen.

Any suggestions? Next I thought I'd try switching the cards and installing the nvidia as the primary and see what happens but past that I'm at a loss.
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  1. Keep the AMD as the primary but install the Nvidia drivers first, then do the AMD drivers. That should do the trick...
  2. Question: What OS? If we're talking Vista/7, the OS doesn't like multiple display drivers [unlike XP, where you could have two display drivers installed at once]
  3. It's windows 7, says in the subject. I've seen where people get them both working on Windows 7 but it is tricky.
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