Which mother board is better for gaming?

I plan to use one video card in my build & i am using the I5 2500k intel processor. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you
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  1. You really won't find a board 'better' for gaming or not. If they support SLi or CrossFireX, they're about as 'gaming' of a motherboard as you'll get. Now, if you're looking at overclocking then it may matter but, not between those boards.

    However, the UD3P appears to be PCIe 3.0 compatible so that's the one that will allow better graphics upgrading opportunities in the coming year or so.

    They both look like pretty darn good boards. I primarily use Asus boards so you'll want to look at the reviews of the board but, Gigabyte is my second choice for consumer desktop builds so, it should make a darn good setup.

    edit: If I'm looking for a 'gaming' consumer machine though, a higher -end full-size ATX board with 2 or more PCI x16 slots AND a couple x1's. Also make sure that the MOSFET and Northbridge/Chipset have nice coolers or heatsinks. And more, if you are looking to go to the next step, check replacement cooler options (waterblock).
  2. The 'P' at the end is for Phase or something like that. I have the exact board (UD3P).

    The only difference is how many phase capacitors or whatever they are for overclocking (12 instead of 8 if I remember right). That was when I was comparing the UD3 and UD3P.

    If you OC, the extra phase thingies are supposed to make the electricity more stable (someone help me out here on phasing, I'm sinking like the Titanic!!)
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