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HP laptop do I need "exact" part number?

Ok I have a sort fo confusing question, so please don't skim read :)

Hi I need to replace the motherboard in an hp dv6-3037tx laptop.
I found a sticker inside my laptop saying the part number of the motherboard is 615279-001.
Getting a replacement for 615279-001 will cost me $700
But getting replacement 603642-001 will only cost me $285 (clearance sale) but I think they are the same board.

I checked service and maintenance manuals for dv6-3000 series and I found two versions of the manual that have different replacement part numbers.

Here July 2010 go to page 22/23
Here April 2010 go to page 19/20

Compare these two pdfs and you see that both are for the same laptop.
And both boards mentioned above have different part numbers but the same descriptions.
HP Partsurfer says the 603642-001 is "NON-TS"... I am guessing that is non-touchscreen. My laptop has no touchscreen anyway.

So I was thinking maybe I could buy the cheaper motherboard even if it is a different part number.
Is it possible that hp makes two boards the same with different part numbers?

Also, what does it matter if the board is different anyway? pretty much everything is contained in the board.... So I thought that as long as it has my previous GPU (ATi 5650) and correct RAM, WiFi and CPU sockets, any board (of the correct shape) would do.

I would very much like to save myself over $400 if I can. Is it risky buying the 603642-001 board?
And any ideas what NON-TS means in HP Partsurfer description?
Thanks, and sorry for information overload :)
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    I think it would be very risky. It could be the difference of 2 vs 4 USB, or a modem in one or an AMD vs Intel dual core. There are so many minute variables to laptop mobos fitting that if you take a chance, make sure you have a good return policy!!
  2. The thing is, the part numbers are from manuals for the same laptop. All laptops in the dv6-3000 series have the same basic features (e.g. USB ports RAM slots) and I believe there is a separate manual altogether for laptops with AMD processors.. Ah god I don't know
  3. Like I said, make sure you have a return policy, hehe.
  4. Try calling HP and ask, can't hurt...
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