Phenom ii n660 vs i3 380m

I am looking at two different laptops one with phenom ii n660 and the other with i3 380m. They both have 4 cores and while the phenom is faster I hear that doesn't matter as much anymore.

The laptop will mostly be for school so word, PowerPoint etc will be used alot.

I will also use it for very little photo and video editing. I know both these CPUs arent the greatest for meadia editing but it will be very light.

I multitask alot and will often have 10 web pages open plus other things like word or excel.

I will do some gaming like sims 3 and need for speed but the CPU doesn't have to be very good for this purpose either.

Mostly, I just want to know which is better benchmark-wise. Please try to mostly base your reply on facts.

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  1. no i3 lappy has four cores.
    Why dont you take a look at the sandy bridge lappys?
  2. Sorry i meant to say both are dual core CPUs. I got mixed up with my i7 build for a second. Thanks for the reply though.
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