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i wanted to take a poll to see if anyone has had quality issues with certain motherboard brands. I realize that every brand is going to have positives and negatives, but i just wanted to know how quality issues have effected people from purchasing a certain brands products

I am not trying to seem biased at all but I have had nothing but issues with Asus motherboards. I have had one smoke on me, then i had one that was DOA for which i sent back to asus 2 times for repair and each time i had to pay for shipping and the board still didn't work yet they claimed they didn't have any issues with it. Then i had another Asus board that a customer brought to me and the IDE controller fried out. I have tried using asus's tech support which is almost nonexistent. After everything i have learned to avoid Asus like the plague. Same thing Goes with SOYO motherboards and computer parts.

So far my favorite motherboard manufacturers are gigabyte and MSI.

I would like to know what everyone's brand preference is and why?
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  1. I consider ASUS boards to be famously high-quality. I think you're just unlucky.
  2. I've never had a defective motherboard, one die on me or even an item arrive DOA. It's weird to everybody else, but that's just the way it has been. I've never even had to RMA or claim warranty or anything before. It's to the point now to where I really have to talk myself into buying warranties for big ticket items.

    But to answer your question, I've only ever owned 1 Foxconn, 1 DFI, 1 MSI and about 4 or 5 Gigabyte boards. My favorite board of all time is my current Foxconn A79A-S. Best board I've ever owned. My second favorite is the DFI board I had before that one. It worked perfectly until one day it was struck by lightning during a storm. The only problem after that was that one of the two gigabit ethernet ports didn't work anymore. Everything else remained operational.

    Every one of the Gigabyte boards worked, my only problem with them was that they all had little rinky dink piece of shlt heatsinks for the NB. One of them actually blistered my finger it was so hot. They just didn't seem to dissipate heat well being in a case with good air flow.

    My vote would go for Gigabyte. I've never owned an Asus board though lol.
  3. I just got done boxing up a Gigabyte board for RMA. It worked great for two years until I upgraded my psu and video card about 6 months ago. I had a gut feeling that switching to a psu with 50% more amps might cause probs and sure enough, then again the psu itself may have been the problem(Antec). Went ahead a got another Antec PSU and this Asrock board thats flimsy(cheap $60)fingers crossed Gigabyte sends me a newer board as the old one is unavailable.
  4. ASUS and Intel boards are the ones i had the best results and quality. I had failures on Gigabyte. I don't even dare to use the cheap ones.

    EVGA make good reliable board.

    You get what you paid for.

    PC that i built gets old. It don't fail. I get tired of it and most it run bet 7 to 10 years.
  5. kajabla said:
    I consider ASUS boards to be famously high-quality. I think you're just unlucky.

    +1 I've always used Asus mobos and have had great results
  6. Have owned MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA and now Asrock.

    Had a Gigabyte board that the IDE connection stopped working (couple years old).
    The EVGA was the 775 SLI Ultra and boy did that have stability issues until later bios releases.
    Also had an Asus board spit the dummy.

    Funnily enough, the Asrock is going perfectly and no issues with the MSI board ;)
  7. Darn I like ASUS. My MOBO and my Laptop are all from there.

    Asus reputation as good manufacturers of IT equipment never fails to amaze me.
  8. Asrock IMO is the best price/performance motherboard manufactuer. For ex: Asrock z68 extreme 4 gen 3 is better than the p8z68-v/gen 3 but cheaper.
  9. is asrock good or should i go for gigabyte?
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