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Hi guys. I built a new PC a few months ago and now that i am coming to overclocking i am finding that my temps seem a lot higher than most people with a similar setup. My setup is as follows:

Intel Core i5 760 @ Stock
Coolermaster Hyper 212+ (Push/Pull with supplied Cooler Master fan and a 120mm Zalman 'Golf' fan)
Antec Nine Hundred Two (No side fan as it wont fit with the CPU cooler)
Palit GTX 460 1GB (Stock Cooler, Stock Clock)
XFX PRO750W (Pointed with the fan upwards.)
The rest of my build is in my signature, this is the important stuff.

With all my fans on low settings, my GPU hits 92c on a stress test. My CPU hits 60c
With all my fans as loud as i find bearable (usual) my GPU hits 77c and my CPU hits 57c (Also on auto where fans go faster the hotter it gets.)
With all my fans full on my GPU hits 68c and my CPU hits 56c. (And my ears bleed)

The fans on my case are as follows:
Top - 200mm - Exhaust (Usually full on)
Rear - 120mm - Exhaust (Usually on low)
Front x 2 - 120mm - Intake (Usually on Halfway)

I don't know about anyone else, but these temps seem unusually high to me. Does anyone have any tips on reducing them? Does this seem like it might be a good solution for the GPU at least? Thanks for any help i may receive :)
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  1. CPU temps are good. GPU temps not too bad.

    I have 3 Antec 900 cases. All fans are set on Low. Running them any higher does not improve cooling in my case.
  2. But do you still think the temps are good if you take into consideration that i am at stock clocks with an aftermarket CPU cooler? (Also my ambient temps are pretty low, <20c)
  3. I agree that these temps are fine at the moment but i am wanting to leave headroom for some overclocks. (Hoping to get GPU from 675/1350/1800 to 800/1600/1800 and CPU from 2.8Ghz to 3.8-4Ghz)

    In real world scenario's, GPU hits about 62c and CPU about 50c i think.

    Also, i just did some experimenting and removed the second fan from the CPU cooler and that alone lowered my CPU temps by 6c (somehow). I then modded the side of my case so the spare fan would fit there as an intake to cool that GPU but that only reduced it by 1c and it is causing a massive amount of noise. Pretty sure it is because of vibration so i'm going to try and dampen it now.
  4. Ok now i'm confused. I have dampened that fan and have had to lower it's speed amd now my CPU has gone ~6c hotter (than without the fan) and my GPU is now 1c hotter instead of 1c cooler. Think i'm going to give it up for a bit. I'll maybe try again tomorrow.
  5. Yeah i should probably just manage my wires a bit better, theres a huge clump of wires coming from that PSU and i wasn't able to move them much so i just put the HDD's down there at the bottom too so the bottom front fan wont be doing a lot. Top front one is pretty unhindered though. (Wish i bought a modular PSU QQ)
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