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So i am going to build a completely new pc and the only thing i will be using from my current one is the old IDE port harddrive. How would i go about re-installing windows XP to my new system? Or if this is not an option how would i install Ubuntu or some other free OS on the new system?

Thanks for your help
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  1. If you have an XP disk then you could reinstall then activate via phone or burn ubuntu or preferred linux distro to a dvd and install that way
  2. Wow. Quickest reply ive gotten so far.

    What if i do not have the disk? Could i re-install it from my harddrive?

    Also, what order do you install the drivers on the first boot if every component is new?
  3. I have installed 6 Ubuntu machines all from a 4gb flash drive.

    Very easy, very quick.

    I have not missed Windows for a single second!
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