Dear Sir,
I have M2N68-AM PLUS with AMD Phenom (tm) 9850
Quad-Core Processor 2.50GHz with 64-bit Operating System with
Windows 7 Ultimate wth 4.00GB (3.75 usable ) memory of Ram.
My problem is CPU QVL is not working right, I have press F1 to
get to my windwos. Please me
James Schuck
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  1. Your board can run any am3 cpu up to 95 watts, including one model of the 1055t x6 and 960 phenom II x4. Stick to the 95w limit; those cpus are a little harder to find. Some models of amd cpus have more than one wattage rating; be sure to check the specs before ordering. Check the bios file required for your cpu; flash to the latest version and it will include all files from previous versions. Use your old cpu to flash. Disable the windows firewall and any bios protection settings in the bios before flashing. At the post screen, press the "pause" key and write down your current bios file number. You may not need to flash. Don't do it unless it's required for the cpu.
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