Will upgrading to 5GHz really help me?

I currently have a (E3000) Linksys Dual-band router running wireless n/g through my home. I get about 70% signal (99% quality) at my gaming computer on 2.4GHz using a Rosewill RNX-N180UBE USB 2.0 External 5dBi Antenna Wireless Adapter.

I am considering shelling out 58 bucks to get the dual band Linksys AE1000 wireless n adapter.

However, I have been told that the 5GHz range only really helps with bandwidth and interference. As a gamer, my main concern is latency. It might not even be worth it to switch over. Plus, my 360, wii, and PS3 do not use the 5GHz band (I think). I rarely use these devices together anyways.

The Questions:
Will my latency improve at all by switching to 5GHz?
Does 5GHz have a noticeably smaller range since it is much higher energy/frequency?
Is it worth it to shell out 58 bucks for the 5GHz adapter?
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  1. Wow I tried to make this easier by italicizing part names - but the website just goes ahead and hyperlinks a bunch of them - making it even more confusing.
  2. Curiosity is killing me, so I ordered it.
  3. I doubt you will be able to tell the difference in latency between the 2 devices. What is the speed of radio waves, and the distance between the AP and your PC?

    5GHz could have less ability to penetrate through walls and the like, if that's an issue.
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