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Im building a AUD$750-$800 gaming system. Here are the parts that I have sussed out so far, i just need some advice on picking out the right motherboard and psu to go with it. Im looking to do crossfire in the near future once i get more dosh rolling in.

Im getting my parts from either or

Intel Core i5 2400 Processor LGA1155 3.1GHz CPU - $201.00

PowerColor HD6850 1G GDDR5 PCIE2.1 2DVI HDCP HDMI DX11 - $178.00

Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 SATA II 7200RPM 32M - $57.00

G Skill 4G(2x2G) DDR3 1600Mhz PC12800 RL 9-9-9-24(CL9D-4GBRL) - $52.00

Antec Three Hundred Tower Gaming Case - $59.00

Total - $547

So that leaves me about $250 to spend on a motherboard and a powersupply.
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    Cheapest 8x/8x board I could find.
    218 AU
    32 AU left
    115 AU
    Puts you 83 AU overboard, but you get a good solid PSU for future CF and a solid motherboard for Crossfire.

    The reason it's better to have a 8x/8x board, CF just loses WAY too much bandwidth and performance @ 16x/4x. Refer to this article.,2887-11.html

    "More significant are the losses when using a x4 slot, as expected. The GeForce GTX 570’s relatively significant 9% performance loss is far exceeded by the Radeon HD 6970’s 18% loss."

    18% is a lot of performance
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  3. Perfect, thanks for your help! much appreciated!
  4. No problem! Good luck!
  5. Hey a quick question, i just noticed the i5 2500 is only 8 dollars more than the i5 2400. Will there be any noticable difference between the two or will 2400 suffice?
  6. There is no noticeable difference, the 2400 would suffice.
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